Introduction to Wing Chun

This first series, a Discovery Channel documentary called Fight Quest: Wing Chun, thanks to it's fast-pace and high-quality is probably the best and most interesting introduction to Wing Chun I've found online. Have a look here to get a better idea of what this wonderful martial art has to offer.

This next series is a good, but dated (very 80s) documentary featuring Wong Shun Leung, called "Wing Chun - The Science of In-Fighting" which gives a nice overview of Wing Chun's principles, concepts and techniques.

Here is an excellent hour-long beginners demonstration by Martin Workman on the how's and why's of basic Wing Chun. This is a perfect starting point if you are serious about learning this simple, practical, and effective fighting style. Martin explains and demonstrates clearly and concisely the basic theories and movements in the Wing Chun system. Turn your speakers up or grab your headphones though because unfortunately the recorded volume is very low.

Last but not least, this series by Emin Boztepe is another awesome beginner's break-down of Wing Chun's core essentials. I highly recommend viewing both Martin Workman's (above) and Emin Boztepe's (below) demonstrations as they cover all the bases explaining in theory and showing in practice why Wing Chun is such a brutally effective and logical yet simplistic martial art.