About the Instructor

My journey into the world of martial arts began, like many Westerners, as a teenage obsession with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies. At the age of 15 I started taking Taekwondo lessons under the excellent tutelage of 5th Dan Master Jeff Weagley of Freeport TKD. I thoroughly enjoyed it, took to it naturally, and quickly progressed through both belt-ranking and IPPONE tournament-ranking, receiving my black belt in under 2 years, and filling my room with scores of sparring trophies, medals, and plaques. By age 18 I'd received my 2nd degree black belt and began instructing at Freeport TKD to adults and children of all abilities for the next couple years.

While in college I joined a local Wing Chun club and discovered how utterly useless my TKD sparring skills were in real fight situations. Spinning roundhouse and butterfly kicks to the head looked great and worked in tournament sparring, but when it comes to actual no-holds-barred combat, logical and simple street fighting styles like Wing Chun are the true science of self-defense. I've now been practicing Wing Chun for over 10 years and have also dabbled in MMA, BJJ, JKD, Kali, Muay Thai, Boxing, as well as various Urban Combatives and Tactical Street Defense systems.  For many years now I've been teaching here in Bangkok where I have dozens of dedicated private students. If you're interested in learning this simple, fun, and highly effective form of self-defense, please contact me at: ericdubay@hotmail.com

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