Bangkok Yoga

Yoga is an ancient vedic science of consciousness aimed at training the human body, mind and spirit for a state of perfect spiritual insight and emotional tranquility. The yogic discipline is composed of various exercises practiced and refined for millennia by Indian maharishis and yogis including breath control, meditation, stretching, seated postures, standing postures, and isometric locks. The benefits of regular yoga practice are wide and varied: it relieves stress, general body aches, pains, anxiety and depression, increases stamina, lung capacity, core strength, mindfulness, mental clarity and focus, improves posture, poise and patience, promotes longevity and cellular regeneration, boosts energy levels, elevates moods, releases happiness endorphins, improves digestion, assimilation, and elimination, aids in deeper sleep and elicits the relaxation response.

My mother has been a student of Yoga for as long as I can remember and following her example 12 years ago I began studying and practicing several disciplines including Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Pranayama. Since then daily Yogic training has become a way of life for me. Every morning I practice pranic breathing meditation then loosen my body with a series of stretches. Most people build up years of "body karma" from constant physical stress, bad posture, and sedentariness. Introducing regular Yoga practice helps improve posture, builds muscle, reduces fat, stretches your ligaments/tendons and relieves years of built up physical, mental and emotional stress!  If you're interested in learning Yoga please contact me at


  1. Thanks Eric, after watching your videos, I realize I must increase my knowledge further and acquire more skills. I have been practicing chi-gong for 6 years and realize the importance of yoga, and of course, further martial arts training. I used to be a boxer, but would like to train with the Wing Chun now.

    1. Chi-Gong is excellent, I also practice some forms of that including the first form of Wing Chun called Sil Lim Tao, a Shaolin martial Chi-Gong exercise. I've been training boxing as well as Kali, BJJ, and dabbling in other martial arts lately as I think a mixture makes for a better fighter / martial artist than slaving to any single style. Peace!

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